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Homeowners Should Keep Detailed Records

Every homeowner should keep a detailed record of each and every expense or investment in their home, from renovations to infrastructure improvements.

Accountants often recommend that homeowners keep a journal, along with correlating receipts, for every improvement or upgrade made. Those improvements may be deductible from any profit realized when a home is sold.

According to the way the tax laws are currently written, this documentation could help homeowners save a significant amount of capital gains taxes, especially if they sell their houses within two years of purchases, or if they buy and sell several houses over their lifetimes.

Yet, most people don’t keep a formal journal of their home expenses. At best, they may keep their receipts in a folder or drawer with the intent of organizing them in the future.

The Ultimate Home Journal Is An Excellent And Useful Gift For Every Homeowner

The Ultimate Home Journal is indeed a useful gift for any homeowner because it is designed specifically to keep all house-related records in an easy-to-use, well-organized format, for use on a regular basis.

The Home Journal eases keeping track of every piece of information concerning a home, not only home improvements and expenses.

This incredibly ingenious 160-page, digest-sized book will allow a homeowner to record information like mortgage and tax details, and contact information of every person or business involved in the home’s purchase and financing.

In addition, it is a way to keep track of those involved in the maintenance and repair of the home, from painters, landscapers, and floor re-finishers to utilities vendors and favorite retail establishments.

Moreover, it helps a homeowner document every appliance or electronic device used at home, including installations, repairs, and service contracts.

It includes a place to catalog every item of value. It keeps track of all home furnishings and decorating items, even allowing a homeowner to record paint swatches for every room in the house, as well as the exterior colors.

The Ultimate Home Journal Is Like A Diary Of The Home – Great At Resale!

This is a great time saver when a homeowner is planning to ready a house for sale.

In addition to keeping a detailed diary of each and every interior and exterior home improvement and cost, The Home Journal can be used as a remodeling planner to chart future renovations.

Filled with a variety of helpful tips and advice homeowners can refer to and will appreciate, like explaining different types of home insurance, perhaps the most useful purpose is in times of emergency.

Important information can be located in a central place for easy access. This helps homeowners easily preserve critical documentation for insurance settlements.

Ultimate Home Journals Are Cost Effective And People Love Them!

Designed to retail for $16.95, the volume cost to purchase The Home Planner is as little as $7.42 each.

A plastic sleeve on the inside front cover is designed to hold up to five business cards which can also be inserted for a minimal cost!

With such a useful item available on the marketplace, one has to wonder…what will homeowners of the future use to hold notes onto their refrigerators?