The home journal is a marketing piece that gives that extra “wow”.

I starting using the home journals a few years ago. I searched for a post closing gift that would be cost effective, less than $10 per client and this fit the bill.

It’s an effective marketing tool, as we make sure to put the Realtor (agent’s) business card as well as title company’s and of course mine in the book.

Also we make sure to include a color copy of the appraisal from the transaction.

The home journal is a marketing piece that gives that extra “wow”.

I can say that along with other marketing pieces, this is the first post closing gift my client’s receive and we receive many compliments about how they love the home journal.

With marketing, some may have systems in place at the beginning, but it’s also important to make sure to have them at the end to remind them about you, and your referral partners.

This is the perfect piece to show off to agents in cultivating new business and showing them how you market them to their clients.

My settled production volume last year was $38,000,000.

I feel that 100% sending the journals after closing is the “wow” factor for clients to think of us again as they put invoices, or paint chips in their book.

So glad you continue to offer them 🙂

Michelle M.